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Take the Journey Towards Healing

The 21 Day Inner Healing Journey is a step-by-step guide to emotional health that guides you from toxic emotions and bondage from your past and into total healing.

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Begin to see God in a new way that will transform your life and relationships.

Over the next twenty-one days, take a deeper look at many areas of your life as Jimmy Evans shares what he learned from his own healing journey. Work through each lesson and exercise daily. These exercises are particularly important to help you apply what you learn.

You will find complete healing. You will change, and a different person will emerge—the person God made you to be.


“In this newly updated version of 21 Day Inner Healing Journey, I’ve taken the online course teaching, application exercises, prayers, and journaling questions and combined them into one book. You have a powerful resource at your fingertips!”

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Take the video course!

The 21 Day Inner Healing Journey is also a unique online experience that offers hours of video content from Jimmy Evans, daily plans and personal application exercises that will guide you through deep emotional healing and into total freedom.

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